Anaemia is not a disease in itself but; it merely serves as a warning sign for a variety of medical conditions associated with diseases. Anaemia is defined as a decrease in red blood cell count or haemoglobin level. Because red cell production is reduced or red blood cells are destroyed at a rapid rate, the end result is weakness, fatigue, and a variety of other symptoms. Anaemia can be completely cured with homoeopathic remedies. Natural homoeopathic medicines have no side effects and are extremely effective in the treatment of anaemia.

Anemia Has Several Causes And Types

Haemorrhage can occur as a result of an accident, heavy bleeding during a woman’s period or during childbirth, or as a result of medical conditions such as gastric ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, gut cancer, parasitic manifestation in a gut-like hookworm, or Schistosomiasis.

Iron deficiency: Iron Deficiency Anemia is common during pregnancy and lactation, as well as from acute or chronic blood loss. The cause is either a lack of iron in the diet or impaired iron absorption in the gut.

Megaloblastic Anemia is caused by a lack of Vitamin B12 or Folic Acid.

Pernicious anaemia is caused by an autoimmune disorder in which the gastric mucosa atrophy, results in a decrease in parietal cells and the intrinsic factor produced by these cells. Vitamin B12 absorption requires an intrinsic factor. As a result, Pernicious Anemia is caused by a defect in Vitamin B12 absorption rather than a nutritional deficiency.

Haemolytic anaemia is caused by the destruction of red blood cells, similar to malaria, and by abnormal red blood cells that are prone to breaking, similar to Sickle Cell Anemia.

Thalassemia is an inherited disorder that causes haemoglobin production to be impaired.

Anemia Symptoms

Pallor, weakness, or fatigue; vertigo; mouth soreness; difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; palpitation; jaundice in Haemolytic Anemia Pica (desire to eat strange indigestible things such as chalk, clay, lime, dry rice, etc) in Iron Deficiency Anemia; gastric symptoms (such as diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting) in Pernicious Anemia; tingling and numbness of limbs in Pernicious Anemia [toc]

Important things to remember are:

  • Certain forms of anaemia are passed down through your genes, and infants may have it from birth.
  • Women are at risk of iron deficiency anaemia because of blood loss from their periods and higher blood supply demands during pregnancy.
  • Older adults have a greater risk of anaemia because they are more likely to have kidney disease or other chronic medical conditions.
  • There are many types of anaemia. All have different causes and treatments. Some forms — like the mild anaemia that happens during pregnancy — aren’t a major concern. But some types of anaemia may reflect a serious underlying medical condition

Natural Homeopathic Anemia Treatment

The homoeopathic method of treatment, which employs medicines derived from natural substances, is extremely effective in the treatment of anaemia. There are no Homeopathic remedies for anaemia. The medications are chosen solely on the basis of the individual’s symptoms.