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Would you be willing to sign an NDA?

Yes. We’ve completed several WordPress plugin development projects under a Non-disclosure Agreement.

What are WordPress plugin maintenance packages?

Once your brand new custom WordPress plugin is built, you’ll have to keep updating it to make sure it’s compatible with the newer versions of WordPress. If you need help with that, we do offer maintenance packages that you can purchase.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We offer free support for a set period of time, as a part of our WordPress plugin development services, after we have handed over the plugin to you.

Would you customize an older version of an existing WordPress plugin?

Yes. Although we would recommend working with the latest version of WordPress and the plugin, we do work on customizing an older version of your plugin.

I have facial hair issues on my chin and neck. I do not suffer from PCOS or PCOD. This is because I waxed that region by accident, causing thick hairs to grow in. Please let me know if homoeopathic medication may assist.

Hirsutism is a disorder in which thick, coarse hairs form on a woman’s breast, lips, back, or chin. The male hormone (called androgen), as well as the overall hormonal balance, increases chin hair development. You may sprout more or fewer hairs depending on how responsive your hair follicles are to these hormones. The quickest approach to eliminate stray chin hairs is to pluck them, but this is not a long-term solution.

Homoeopathy has a high success rate in restoring hormonal balance. THUJA OCC, SABAL SERRULATA, MEDORRHINUM, THYROIDINUM, SEPIA OFF, IGNATIA AMARA, and other beneficial homoeopathic remedies include THUJA OCC, SABAL SERRULATA, MEDORRHINUM, THYROIDINUM, SEPIA OFF, IGNATIA AMARA, and others.

Health Tips
Waxing can cause skin irritation, folliculitis, and scarring; electrolysis can be uncomfortable, and short-wave diathermy can induce scarring, and hydrogen peroxide bleaching is not recommended for severe hirsutism. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition and exercise.

Hello, Doctors. Could you please inform me about the homoeopathic therapy for lipoma? I’m sick of these tangles. Please include your contact information in your comment so that I may contact you for more information and a diagnosis. Also, please let me know whether there is a decent homoeopathic therapy for lipoma or if I should live with these lipomas for the rest of my life.

A lipoma is a non-cancerous (benign) tumour made up of fatty tissue. These are painless and pleasant to the touch. However, they can occasionally produce significant aesthetic issues. Lipoma growth can be triggered by a minor injury. Surgery only provides short relief from localised problems. Often, surgeons who suggest surgery never guarantee that it will occur.

Lipoma is seen as a local manifestation of a systemic disorder in homoeopathy. The medications affect the body’s fat metabolism, treating the deficiency that produces lipoma and reinforcing the metabolism so that the patient does not develop lipomas again in the future.

For the last year, I’ve had a non-cancerous polyp on my vocal cords. For the previous three months, I’ve tried a few homoeopathic remedies, but nothing has changed. Can you help me recover my voice?

A polyp is a benign growth that protrudes from a mucous membrane. Voice polyps are polyps that develop above the vocal cords. Nodules on the vocal cords disrupt normal voice function, resulting in a harsh, breathy, or weak voice.

I understand you have been taking homoeopathic medicine for the last three months but have not seen any significant results. In homoeopathy, the correct choice and resulting relief is a matter of experience and sound judgement on the part of the Homoeopathic doctor. Not only can homoeopathy aid in the resolution of pre-existing nodules, but it also aids in the prevention of recurrence of the vocal polyp. The timely use of Homoeopathic medicine can assist to prevent surgery.

Health Tips
Tobacco and alcohol should be avoided, as should detrimental vocal behaviours such as throat clearing, screaming, speaking over background noise, and heavy weeping. Voice therapy can help minimise pressure on the voice, and it is important to address allergies and throat infections if you have them.