Patient Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it...

Kartik Shukla

Very clean and well-kept chamber. The doctor is very friendly and thoroughly explains the ailments and treatment options.

Ashmita Pal

Fantastic. I’m completely speechless. I’m very pleased with the doctor. His medicines worked like magic on my children. I’m hoping to see positive changes in them in the near future.

Raj Iyer

He is incredible. The method of comprehending a problem situation is amazing. Thank you very much. He provides excellent care to everyone with whom he comes into contact.


Dr Rakesh is a professional who treats his patients with care; my experience has been positive thus far, and his prescribed medications are reasonably priced.

Mukta Singh

His approach is not limited to medicinal treatment. He inspires us to practice self inner cleaning and a holistic approach to treatment. He not only treats you physically, but he also treats you mentally. He teaches you how to maintain a healthy diet, physical activities, and a balanced lifestyle.